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Vegetables (only zones)

Mountains (only hotspots)

Located at the western end of the Massif des Bornes just next to Annecy

Located overlooking the town of Veyrier-du-Lac, Mont Veyrier is a magnificent belvedere on Lake Annecy.

Veyrier-du-Lac is a town on the eastern shore of Lake Annecy, located 5 km south-east of the city of Annecy, located along the lake at the foot of Mont Veyrier.

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Road trip (zones and hotspots)

Easy to unfold and very confortable!

Minivan have the same size has a car, so you can go everywhere!

Smaller than a motorhome, your have more confort than a minivan et keeping a medium size.

You can stand up in a van, not in a minivan.
And you have a shower and toilet and bigger kitchen!

Some motorhome can host 7 people:

Bigger than a van, but you have a true house!


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