New free WordPress plugin: “Cute Animals”

Here is my latest free Woprdress plugin: “Cute Animals”.

It allows you to display an animated animal on your site (look at the rabbit and the frog at the top of my site :))

You have the choice between:

  • a rabbit
  • a frog
  • a bird
  • a spider
  • a cat
  • a dog

You can animate the animal in the 4 directions:

  • to the left
  • to the right
  • to the top
  • top the bottom

Finally you can choose its speed and position 🙂

If you are interested in “Cute Animals” for your Woprdress site, you can download it for free here!


  1. Hello,
    I LOVE the Cute Animals plugin!
    Will there also be an option to insert your own sprites/images?
    that would be great!

    • Hi,
      Thanks! It’s a good idea but it complex to di this because animals are animated: so it’s a sprite with multiple image inside and specific width. That hard to implement this easily.

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